Sidekicks the Podcast Adventure Holiday Edition


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About the Panel:

Come join part of the cast as they discuss the Sidekicks podcast, their favorite episodes and experiences while recording and maybe hear an episode or two!

Christa Rew

Christa Rew is an indie voice actress based in San Diego, California. She has studied under Connie Teriwilliger and has been voice acting for over 5 years. Christa is also taking voice over classes with Steve Blum via zoom and has trained with Chuck Huber. She is the creator of Sidekicks as well as the Founder of Black Maze Entertainment. When she is not trying to make her mark in the voice acting community, she enjoys creative writing, watching anime/cartoons, and reading books, manga, and comic books.She also dabbles in a bit of gaming now and then. Gideon Krzywdzinski

Gideon Krzywdzinski

Hello, my name is Gideon Krzywdzinski, I am 21 years old. I am proud to be the voice for the character Brice in the Sidekicks podcast, and here are a few things about myself. My hobbies are 3D modeling, gaming, and building model kits. 3D modeling for me, started after I went into 10th grade in high school, letting me express my creative mind as well as make models with a design from a game as a reference from time to time. The games I enjoy are FPS, puzzles, racing, strategy, and occasionally a table-top board game with miniature models.

Eli Krzywdzinski

Hi my name is Eli Krzywdzinski and I’m the voice of Calvin on the sidekicks podcast. I’m 13 years old making me the youngest of 4 brothers. My hobbies are coding, building Gunpla models, and playing video games. Some of my favorite games include Rain World, Starbound, and Terraria. I really enjoy voicing Calvin in this podcast and love working with everyone else on this incredible project.

Noah Krzywdzinski

Hi my name is Noah Krzywdzinski and I play Maverick in the sidekicks podcast. My birthday is July 15th 2005 and I’m the 2nd youngest out of 4 brothers. I like drawing and playing video games in my free time with games like Pokemon, Elden ring, and Tekken 7 being some of my favorites. I also recently started a YouTube channel under the name FluffywolfRuko if you wanna check it out I’m a bit new to streaming so I’m still trying to figure some stuff out but I’ve still been enjoying it and hope to keep improving.

Larissa Simons

Lari Simons is an accomplished artist, photographer, indie video game designer, and actress. Her artwork has been showcased in the 2020/2021 Hyde Art Gallery’s Remote Student Showcase. She is also a contributing editor for the literary journal Acorn Review. When participating in game jams hosted on, she conceptualizes, writes, and illustrates for her team. With a love for the stage, Larissa has participated in several theatrical productions, including musicals. Larissa is in the process of designing more ambitious games, developing her own webcomic, and drafting a novel series. Her creative outlets include reading, writing poetry, candid photography, gaming, Dungeons and Dragons, and singing. Social media: @slothnobility on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr