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Steve Jackson Games:
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San Diego Anime Con is excited to feature a Board Game room, presented by game enthusiast, Travis Otteson, alongside the dynamic gaming duo of Jessie and Spencer Adams! 

Travis is a long-time gamer and part-time game demonstrator working with Steve Jackson Games, Alderac Entertainment Group, SlugFest Games, and more. Travis enjoys strategy, co-op, and sci-fi themed games but will play just about any game once, as long as it isn’t Monopoly. He shares his adventures on Instagram @TabletopTravis.

Jessie and Spencer are lifelong gamers who started playing non-conventional board games in 2016. Soon after that, they quickly started teaching others how to play games at local game stores and conventions. Since then, they have expanded to sharing their gaming adventures on Instagram @gamergirljessie and YouTube @SpencerPhreak

Games to be featured at San Diego Anime Con:

Demonstrations of games from: Steve Jackson Games: Munchkin, Hack & Slash, Deadly Doodles, Zombie Dice, and more Alderac Entertainment Group: SmashUp, Cat Lady, Mystic Vale, and more SlugFest Games: Red Dragon Inn and Dungeon Decotators

Additionally, there will be a small games library featuring games for all ages for people to borrow, play on their own, or learn from Travis, Jessie, and Spencer. We can’t wait to play some games!