More than City Pop: A Guide to Japanese Pop in the 80s


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Panel Description:

The recent popularity of City Pop has brought new eyes to the world of Japanese Pop in the 80s. Join A-to-J Connections as we examine the various bands, genres, and songs that helped define one of the most memorable decades in music.

Chart toppers like Akemi Ishii, THE CHECKERS, Hikaru GENJI, REBECCA, and Anzen Chitai cross paths with City Pop artists like ANRI, Akira Terao, Mariya Takeuchi, and MANY others! Chances are you’ll discover something new, or you can just stop by for all the great music!

About Manuel Figueroa:

Founder and leader of A-to-J Connections, Manuel has hosted over 130 panels and presentations at over a dozen conventions around the country. These panels have covered topics like J-Pop Idols, Visual Kei, Japanese Metal, Eroguro, Japanese Horror Movies, Magical Girl Anime, Macross, Japanese Musical Theater, and more. He’s also hosted various special events and has acted as a moderator for guest of honor focus panels. You can check out his random musings via social media.

About A-to-J Connections:

A-to-J Connections is the premier community based media website dedicated to all aspects of Japanese Pop Culture and more! Formed in 2014 as a media website, A-to-J Connections has also worked closely with many Japanese artists and have brought them exposure through interviews, coverage, and have even assisted in overseas concerts and appearances.

A-to-J also travels to several conventions every year to present panels on a wide range of topics, for a wide range of fans, and are excited to be present at the inaugural San Diego Anime Con! With over a dozen members around the world A-to-J Connections’ diverse roster is dedicated to the goal of bridging people and cultures!

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