Karaoke with ETC


etc. San Diego, which stands for the Emo Talent Collective, was founded in 2021 by three Latin@ karaoke enthusiasts who love all things emo. Daniel, Dhyrce, and Abel created etc. with a focus on being an entertainment company by the people and for the people.

Although their roots are in emo and pop punk music, they also believe music of all genres has the power to unite, uplift, and inspire, and so have hosted other themed karaoke nights including Disney, Cosplay, 90s, and lo-fi events, among many others.

They have also been honored enough to DJ at weddings and look forward to expanding to more private events in the future! Until then, make sure to follow them online @etcsandiego so you don’t miss out on their weekly events!

At etc, we’re all about good music and good vibes! Whether you’re here to sing or just enjoy the show, come on over to hear all your favorite songs and join our amazing collective!