Cosplay Contest

If you’re coming to San Diego Anime Con in costume/cosplay, then join us on Sunday, November 19, 2023, at 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm for the Inaugural San Diego Anime Con Cosplay Contest!

If you want to ENTER the Costume Contest, registration open now – fill out the form at the bottom of this page!

 You MUST have a ticket to San Diego Anime Con to have your registration submission considered.


Pictured below is the actual 8 pound WWE-style championship belt that the winner of the Inaugural San Diego Anime Con Cosplay Contest will win! 


Kirari Cosplay (@teamkiraricosplay) is an award-winning So-Cal competitive cosplay duo consisting of Kira Masquerade (@kira_masquerade) and The Fashionable Cupcake (@ konekoanni). They have been competing together since 2017, and recently were selected as World Cosplay Summit Team USA 2024. Between the two of them, they cover every part of the cosplayers crafting arsenal, from sewing and textiles to armor and props!

The Fashionable Cupcake

Ari, also known as The Fashionable Cupcake, is an award-winning local cosplayer. She has been cosplaying since 2013, and competing since 2017, with notable wins as team Kirari Cosplay with Kira Masquerade including Best in Show from Anime Expo in 2022 and being selected as World Cosplay Summit Team USA 2024 in 2023.

Instagram: @konekoanni 

Kira Masquerade

Kira has been cosplaying since 2013, started competing in 2014, and has since won several awards including Best in Class Masters at AX 2019 and Best in Show at AX 2022 with her cosplay partner Ari. She enjoys creating large props and armor using a variety of materials including foam, Worbla, Thibra, and even materials you wouldn’t think of utilizing. She is the proud parent of two furbabies, a chocolate and coffee addict, and full time fangirl from Southern California.

Instagram: @kira_masquerade


Luluko is a cosplayer of 15 years who wants to share the joy of crafting and competing with everyone! She just recently relocated to Los Angeles to continue her career in video games, and is delighted for this opportunity to connect with her new hometown community.

Twitter, Instagram, TikTok: @lulukohime